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Textil Antilo began its activity in the year 2000, specializing in fabric for  upholstery and decoration. It wasn’t until some years later, they decided to amplify (what they could offer) OR( Port Folio) and started dedicating themselves to interior design, offering a collection of clothing items for home and fabrics which are developed following the latest trends and achieving the highest standards demanded by the market.

Currently offered by Textil Antilo is based in three lines of products:

Contract , in which we work to aim for the clients demands in order to achieve their expectations and projects. The fact of being manufactures allows us to create personalized collections and this way guarantees  exclusiveness with an impeccable result.

Home is developed to be reborn every year and offer a collection of winter articles and a home decoration. In it we can find a selection of products designed and inspired by the latest trends.

Fabrics, designed and made in our facilities. Here the effort is focused on the behaviour of the fabrics to be optimal in its final use. Besides this there’s also the focus on design, always looking  for versatility and  chromatic harmony to be taken into account.

In Textil Antilo S.L.  we follow a very rigorous policy of quality, established with the intention to offer a product in accordance with the demands of the market. To achieve this objective, we have imposed an integrated system of management of quality that joined with an attitude of constant improvement and a commitment with caring for the environment, they form an appealing base from the starting point of any manufacturing project.


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