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COMERSAN, S.A. P.I. ELS ALGARS, C/BANYERES DE MARIOLA S/N 03820 – COCENTAINA (ALICANTE)Tlf./Fax: 96 554 58 11 / 96 554 57 87comersan@comersan.comwww.comersan.com
Comersan provides their clients with a wide range of products giving good design and color. The offer goes from the classical design to the most modern and strinking printed and jacquard designs, high-quality microfibres, innovative range of technical textiles, and a full range of contract products to satisfy this sector requirements.




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NATURTEX, S.L.GUTIERREZ DE CARDENAS, 36 03330 – CREVILLENTE (ALICANTE)Tlf./Fax: 965400111 / 965401584info@naturtex.eswww.naturtex.es

What we do
It is difficult to define in a few words all that Naturtex does, but you could say it thinks, imagines, designs, develops and produces unique and special textures that result into carpets, upholstery and decoration fabrics, modular panels, carpets, etc., Well, you know, Rugs, fabrics and more which provide spaces with a distinctive character and its own personality.

And all this thanks to…

…a high expertise and experience in the area of materials and textile processes

…a high knowledge in decoration and fashion world

…a creative balance between tradition and innovation

…a high capacity for flexibility and adaptation thanks to being manufacturers

All these qualities allow Naturtex to understand the needs and desires of customers and users and also to turn them into singular products, objects and projects.




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TEX. ATHENEA, S.L.Ctra. de Caudete, km. 1 03400 – VILLENA (ALICANTE)Tlf./Fax: 96 581 50 01 / 96 581 50 46 / EXPORT DEPT.: 0034 96 581 5003info@texathenea.es, export@texathenea.eswww.texathenea.net
In Texathenea S.L. we manufacture fabrics for Home , Contract and Apparel. The company was founded in 1976 and has since then constantly strived to move forward with the times. Athenea is a vertical mill specialized in digital printing. It has the capacity to develop qualities, weave, print (both digitally and conventionally), dye and finish in house.
With over 30 years of experience in the textile industry, we are continuously evolving and improving all the services offered to our customers. We are ahead in the field of digital print technology and we have a dynamic department consisting of an experienced team of colourists and designers that are constantly creating designs and looking for inspiration.
Our collections consist in a great variety of textures, fabrics and shades of colour exploting the potential of digital printing. We also have a wide range of plains for the contract market, upholstery and decoration.

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MANUEL REVERT Y CIA, S.A.Pol. Ind IP3 – Paseo de La Habana,6 46890 – AGULLENT (VALENCIA)Tlf./Fax: 96 291 81 00 / 96 291 81 10revert@revert.eswww.revert.es
Manuel Revert with a tradition of more than 65 years in textiles. A family company founded in 1945 by D. Manuel Revert Nadal, originally its production was based in the manufacture of blankets. In the 80’s the company moved its premises to Pol. Ind. In Agullent-Valencia. On 50.000 m2 of land the actual industrial plant of an area of 20.000 m2 was built. Nowadays, we have three lines of production:
– Upholstery and Decoration fabrics
– Bed linen
– Fabrics for fashion and dress making
This are the basis of our project. Our design department is made up of an excellent group of professionals, a production on 40 latest technology Jacquard looms, our own laboratory and quality control department with high technology instruments permit us to develop the best fabrics for our clients. Lastly, a consolidated sales team and with experience obtained all through these years, helps us to sell in more than 60 Countries all over the world.




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TEXTIL CASA MODA, S.L. P.I. CASA MONTORO, C/ DE MANRESA, 2,4 Y 6 46890 – AGULLENT (VALENCIA)Tlf./Fax: 96 290 85 05 / 96 290 77 60casamoda@textil.orgwww.casamoda.es
Textil Casamoda S.L., empresa fundada en 1994, desde entonces hemos evolucionado rápida y constantemente.
Las instalaciones de la empresa se componen de 10.000 m2 en dos bloques , sobre una superficie propia de 20.000 m2.
En la actualidad la empresa la componen, más de 90 trabajadores repartidos en todos sus departamentos. Su capacidad de producción es casi ilimitada puesto que se apoya en las posibilidades enormes de la región textil en la que se ubica.
Textil Casamoda S.L., está presente en las más importantes ferias del sector textil hogar, tanto para asentar sus actuales mercados como para expandirse a nuevos mercados. La empresa está en constante desarrollo de productos nuevos aplicando a la mayoria de ellos, la más avanzada tecnologia textil del momento.


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RIOMA, S.L.CIF: B14058424Ctra A307 – Km 12 14550, Montilla (Córdoba) España.Teléfono: 957 65 10 54Fax: 957 65 25 08rioma@rioma.comwww.rioma.com

Organic Fabrics
The commitment of Rioma with the nature is set nowadays creating ORGANiC, a line of organic fabrics.
Organic fabrics are made with natural fibres, like cotton or linen. These fibres using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture.
A perfect combination of innovation and tradition Chevrón, a tweed-inspired fabric has a delicate spike motif that follows according to the most classic textile tradition. Its range of colors stands out because of its natural shades and the modern two-coloured fussions. Sophisticated and elegant colors for atemporal and eclectic decorations. A review of the concept of elegance.
Rioma launches the new satin. Perfect for multiple and varied uses, from decoration to upholstery and obviously fashion. A very soft hand, shiny finish and most beautiful drape in a wide choice of elegant colours, make Gloss an unique product.
Our INDOOR & OUTDOOR fabric with 26 solid colors. UV Resistant, Antibacterial, Mold Resistant, Breathable, Protects form the UV, Outdoor suitable.




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YEBANE ESPAÑOLA, S.A.Ctra. Alcoy , 28 46860 – ALBAIDA (VALENCIA)Tlf./Fax: 96 239 80 20 / 96 239 80 21export@yebane.comwww.yebane.com


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VIATEX, S.A.CTRA. ALCUDIA, 13 03829 – ALCUDIA DE COCENTAINA (ALICANTE)Tlf./Fax: 96 559 13 25 / 96 559 11 12viatex@viatexsa.comwww.viatexsa.com

During our many year’s experience we have paid attention and taken great care over all the details of all the processes.  From the selection of the raw material to the delivery of the fabric to the customer, everything has followed a rigorous control. Thanks to this philosophy we have obtained the best result: our customers’ trust.




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TEXTILES JOYPER, S.L. C/ Els Maulets, 1 03829 – L’Alcúdia de Cocentaina (ALICANTE)Tlf./Fax: 96 559 03 38 / 96 559 17 11export@texjoyper.eswww.texjoyper.es
Textiles Joyper, S.L. is a textile mill and was established in 1983 by José Martínez. Since the very beginning innovation has been a high priority and we have never stopped evolving within the decorative textiles arena. This is due mainly to our internationalization.
Today as an extremely consolidated company, we have a large presence in the domestic and international markets and are always looking to expand both in product selection and market share.

We are passionate about the quality and design of our products as well as the service that we deliver and are continuously striving to improve all of these aspects in order to be more competitive.

We are a flexible and dynamic company who seek to fully understand our clients’ requirements in order to best serve their needs.

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